Processing Curiosity

I prefer clean lines and sharp contrast.
Muddled abstractions and a blended palate.
Photo-realism of things not in existence.
To ignore one is to become partially blind. 

I prefer outlandish features, off-beat thinking.
To tinker with things not broken, to learn new things.
To see the intrinsic beauty in everything.
All life is important, the universe demands diversity.

I prefer the stripped down basic notes of the delta.
The electronically synthesized notes of the jet-set.
The timeless notes of Bach, Vivaldi, and Brahms.
The inner rhythms of heart, machine and mind. 

I prefer the written word, the spoken word, the strummed word, the drummed word.
The words of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The words of ideas near forgotten, ideas saturating the masses, ideas leaning into modern limits. 

I prefer having interest in the broad spectrum of things and never being satisfied with what I know. 
I prefer not maintaining a pin-hole knowledge in a macrocosm of information.
I prefer knowing nothing about knowing everything. 
I prefer keeping curious. 


Thirsty Brain.

Albeit a previously strong stance AGAINST post secondary education.. I’m seriously leaning towards it. 
Don’t quite understand the process, how to go about it, besides look at a board of things and point, hopefully implying “I’d like that one for less than $5000, Alex.”  

Curiosity is my single greatest attribute that’s been pointed out by friends.
I obsess over the most varied amount of topics i’ve seen someone delve into at once. Most recently German philosophical writings a la Herman Hesse, Quantum physics and string theory, Germanic/Norse mythology and creation stories, and now a gnawing to learn and understand everything about the universe, space, the stars, the cosmic biology, our biology, gene traits, expression, human/synthetic interfacing, improving prosthetic limbs, improving neural links between our nerves and wiring of machines and computers.

Pardon the romantic in me and any hint of ego (for there really was no intention to sound pompous) , but I wish to pass knowing I assisted humanity step out of armchair sciences, and see significant advances in areas beyond destroying our planet and each other.

6-Rapture thoughts.

‎”Trying to calm a fire with a banana tree?
Preventing hunger by catapulting notebooks?
Ignorance in the realm of reality I suppose. 
The reality of the situation would appear to be… There is nothing to fear, no sky man poised to ejaculate imacculate death upon his own children.”